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Changes to the NRTC program

Non-Resident Training Courses (NRTC), previously hosted on, have begun migrating to the Navy e-Learning (NeL) site ( The Navy e-learning site is CAC-enabled. To find what is currently available on Navy e-Learning, go to the Course Catalog tab and check the 'What's New' Learning Category or the 'Navy Rate Training Courses' Learning Category and browse.

There are approximately 100 courses that have been migrated to Navy e-Learning, and the remaining courses are being migrated within the next few months. Note these courses will not be available on the Afloat Learning System and can only be completed via the Navy e-Learning site. You can download course materials from within courses as PDFs and save them for review as needed. For questions you can call 877-838-1659 and press option 5.

Interactive Table Help

The NRTC Course List has interactive features, such as filtering and sorting. The following are some usage tips.


You can sort the tables by columns.


You can search a table for a word or words using the search box shown above and to the right of the table.